Free quotations on all aspects of tree surgery & arboriculture.

Covering all of Donegal, Leitrim, Cavan, Sligo, Roscommon, Longford, Mayo, Galway & surrounding areas.


We offer free quotations and advice on ALL aspects of tree surgery and arboriculture.

Covering all of Donegal, Leitrim, Cavan, Sligo, Roscommon, Longford, Mayo, Galway and surrounding areas.

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Commercial Work

We specialise in commercial tree surgery work – with businesses and local authorities across the North West, on projects of all sizes.

With fully qualified teams and a fleet of specialist equipment, we have an excellent track record in delivering all kinds of commercial arboriculture services – from single tree removal to expansive commercial site clearance and specialist utility works.

Deerpark Tree Care holds €13 million of insurance cover and are accredited to a number of commercial quality assurance and health & safety schemes, including to work on and from water. We offer a complete solution to meet your needs and deal with all sectors; councils, schools, development sites, utility companies, housing areas and landlords, golf courses, GAA grounds and Agri-businesses.


General Pruning & Maintenance

A general tidy up using the professional discretion of the tree surgeon incorporating the wishes of the client. Our friendly team of tree surgeons will look after your project from start to finish, delivering works quickly, cleanly and to the highest standards.

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General maintenance work by Deerpark Tree Care
General maintenance work by Deerpark Tree Care
General maintenance work by Deerpark Tree Care
General maintenance work by Deerpark Tree Care

Tree Felling

In the instance that a tree needs to be felled, we can do this using both sectioning and straight cuts. Safety and the area surrounding the tree will determine the felling process and this will be communicated clearly to the client.

Services Tree Felling
Pruning by Deerpark Tree Care

Tree Pruning – Reductions

This is the removal of the outermost branches to reduce the overall size of the crown. We carry out a reduction of usually between 10% and 30%.

This will rebalance the tree promoting stable growth.

It will make it more manageable, greaten the amount of light in the surrounds of the tree and improve its overall appearance.

With a remaining strong framework, the tree should be capable of producing strong leaf cover the following year.


Tree Pruning – Crown Thinning

We thin the crown to ensure safety in mature trees, and to reduce weight. It is also a great option to produce more flower or fruit. This service will admit more light and air through the tree. This tree surgery practice should leave the overall shape of the canopy unchanged.

This tends to be an operation that is carried out regularly to maintain the uniformity of growth within the canopy. If the objective is to lessen the overall loading on a structural branch, then a crown reduction can be more effective.

Tree Pruning
Crown Lifting

Tree Pruning – Crown Lifting

Here we remove the lowest branches to create a more uniform height of the tree. Often this is essential for safety, allowing greater access for pedestrians, properties, street furniture and traffic.

Ideally, the tree surgery practise of crown lifting should be restricted to less than 15% of the live crown height. This leaves the crown with at least two thirds of the total height of the tree.

Removing too much of the trees canopy will adversely affect the health of the tree.



Tree Pruning – Crown Cleaning

We will remove deadwood, climbing plants and epicormic shoots to necessary pointy to ensure safety and improve appearance.

The ongoing maintenance of trees in this fashion is important for amenity planting and areas of pedestrian and vehicle traffic to reduce risk of incident, and to maintain the appearance of trees.

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning – Pollarding & Repollarding

Pollarding is a heavy reduction of the top and side branches so that the tree may produce a dense growth of new shoots. Repollarding follows this process by removing all limbs and branches to previous pollarding points. Not only does pollarding reduce shade cast into the surrounding area, it prevents trees overgrowing their local environment. This is a service we carry out frequently in urban areas, playgrounds, schools and street landscaping. Correct care of trees in the environment they are planted transforms the aesthetics of any amenity as well as the ecosystem –planting is always a good idea!


Formative Pruning

This is where the benefit of seeking quotations early really pays off. The removal of limbs that could become problematic can minimise expensive work later on in a tree’s life and ensure continued healthy growth.

We will often offer this service after carrying out tree planting and can schedule a site visit to maintain the health and appearance of trees.


Formative pruning
Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

We maintain both evergreen and deciduous hedges, smoothing, shaping, reducing and refining to suit the wishes of the client. Creating a neat boundary is important to us and we carry out trimming using a variety of saws and trimmers.

Using ladders, scaffolding and MEWPS we can maintain hedges of any height. In particular, Leylandii can be some of the tallest and dense hedges we service and in this instance a site visits so important as it will direct the best course of action. When these hedges reach a certain point a reduction, no matter how heavy will be unsuitable, and costly to the client. It is important to maintain a manageable growth or a complete removal will be recommended, along with the stumps if required. We can offer our hedge planting service to ensure that your hedge flourishes in its place.

Emergency Work

We provide emergency assistance, where needed, any day of the week and are able to respond quickly to call outs anywhere in the North West.

Typical emergencies are wind-blown trees, trees in dangerous conditions or fallen branches and our team is highly experienced and qualified to deal with emergencies, along with holding qualifications for traffic maintenance and Emergency First Aid.

Storm damage is the most hazardous work we encounter and safety is paramount. We always encourage you to stay clear of fallen trees, call your local authorities and phone us for safe advice.


Harness in tree
Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Our team are experts at planting trees. We have planted a huge range of specimen and will assist you when it comes to deciding which tree to plant, sourcing, planting and aftercare service. We are also able to advise on improving habitat and biodiversity using particular species.

Restoration of existing hedges can also be offered and is preferable to removing and replanting for various reasons.

We really enjoy working with local nurseries and garden centres and are proud to provide this service- tree planting is something we promote to all our clients, particularly after tree removal.

Supplier of Logs & Mulch

All our green waste is recycled so we can provide split logs and quality bark mulch suitable for gardens, animal bedding, and home playgrounds. We also provide competitive day rates for all our contract chipping services.

Logs split
Ivy on wall

Ivy Removal

A wonderful feature, often adding value to a property, ivy is also a destructive climber and should not be left to grow out of control.

Large rotting systems damage fences, sheds, brickwork, guttering and drains as well as constricting other plants and trees.

We remove ivy from trees and buildings to ensure it is maintained properly. 


Stump Grinding

This is usually required for obstructive tree stumps that need to be removed for renovation or building purposed. Using a stump grinder, we can remove the stump to a specified depth, usually 15cm -30 cm, below ground level.

This will ensure that most of the rotting system is dead and not allowed a chance to regrow. In some cases, we will drill holes in the stump of the tree and poison applied.

In all cases once the stump has been removed the remaining cavity can be backfilled with mulch or soil.


Deerpark Tree Care


We can offer consultancy and provide thorough and detailed reports for mortgage or insurance companies and can help with applications to work on trees that have a Protected Tree Order (PTO).

Ensure that your project works are planned in a way that does not damage the environment or habitats for protective species, with support from Deerpark Tree Care.