Ensure your trees are pruned and prepared for summer growth

Let us tidy your garden so you can spend your summer enjoying it

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Encourage your shrubs to bloom at their best

Summer impact

Prune your trees and hedges for maximum summer impact

Healthy, thriving plants

Remove dead or damaged leaves in order to ensure healthy, thriving plants

Promote steady growth

Our tree surgeons will trim overgrown hedges into a smooth shape that will promote steady growth throughout the season

Some TLC

Tree surgery- give your trees some TLC to have them looking their best and keep them as healthy as possible

Invasive plants

Remove invasive plants to stop them spreading too rapidly and taking over your garden and trees.

Call us on: 086 159 7628

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We practice sustainable tree surgery methods and our environmental policy sets out our framework and commitment to protecting the environment.

We have also been participating in the Green for Micro Programme with @leoroscommon and Derek Hannick of Lean Green Management Services to build a sustainability strategy and incorporate new methods to manage our business in harmony with the environment.